Welcome to IR-RBCS
Rail Bhoomi Crossing Seva
रेल भूमि क्रॉसिंग सेवा
Web based application for Wayleave Easement Rights
Railway user to login using the userid assigned to them by Div/HQ Admin.
Non-Railways users to sign up first. Then they can apply.
(Please contact land cell of divisions for any queries)
New Features:
  1. Whole process (Application to sanction stage) digitized.
  2. Instant alerts and notifications to all the stakeholders.
  3. Use of Digital Signature Certificates for complete authenticity and integrity.
  4. Online Payments.
  5. No delay on account of payment verification.
  6. Real-time monitoring for all stakeholder.
  7. Covers all types of Crossing viz. pipeline, culvert, cable, powerline, Road Under Bridge, Road Over Bridge etc..

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